Discord Server Updates!

Alright guys, so, I decided to start posting when I make large changes to the discord server, so you guys know what’s what and such.

So we recently started hosting our own bot! WOO! It’s Kitty Bot! This means that there are going to be a lot of commands and such and that is going to be a huge thing, so we’re going to have to compile a list and such.

Part of hosting our own bot means that we can now do poke battles! Which is beyond awesome! To accommodate this game, I created #theelite4 room.

I also added a meme room because we have people who post a lot of memes, and we also added a Mewsic voice and text chat (for the music commands to go in one place)!

We’re in the process of adding commands and such and it’s pretty great! Adding commands is something that I’m working on how it’s going to work, and we’re adjusting permissions and such for certain commands.

The biggest thing is that the mewsic and meme room are fair game to a point. I will allow some more of the cruder things, but would appreciate it if the songs could be at least somewhat appropriate.

The Kitty Bot, is ran on my personal PC, so if I ever turn it off, the bot goes down with it, so I’m currently looking to do something about that. Considering sliding it over to my laptop and letting that always run, or having a mod of mine who’s computer is always on, to run it. Who knows. We will seeeee!

Click here for the Discord link!


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