Birthday Giveaway!

I know I’m late in announcing this, and I probably should have at the start of the week, but I’ve been putting it together!

So. I want to do something special for my birthday, and special for me, is giving things away to you guys. I wanted to save this for my big 500, I was hoping to get 500 by my birthday (tomorrow) buuuut it’s not happening so. Bleh.

BUT! Just because I don’t hit my goal, doesn’t mean I can’t give back, right? Right. So. Here’s the list of things you can win!

  • 1x – Hearthstone card pack code
  • 1x – Heroes of The Storm Hero: Jaina
  • 2x – VIP Memberships to TheSimsResource
  • 1x – Satellite Reign Steam Key
  • 1x – TIS-100 Steam Key
  • 1x – The Red Solstice Steam Key
  • 1x – Avernum 2: Crystal Souls Steam Key
  • 1x – Cthulhu Realms Full Game Steam Key

So, as you can see I have a few things! 😀

So how does one enter this amazing giveaway? Well you see here, you must be doing the following: Follow me on Twitch AND Hanging out in my stream!  Each entry into the giveaway is 10 Kitten Coins! Which is simple to get because that’s ten min! For the first hour I’ll allow people to rack up Kitten coins, before we start giving out stuff! I have 9 things to give out, and while I’m not going to stream for 9 hours straight – at least I don’t think so, we’ll have a few hours in the stream to give stuff away okie? Okie.

Now how redeeming works, is that I will be giving away one item of my choice, and whoever wins can either get that prize or if they really hate it, they can exchange it for another. But that’s first come first serve so good luck!

So yeah! Start following on Twitch, and make sure the alerts are on to be notified of when I’m streaming, and keep an eye on my Twitter!!!


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