It’s Been A While…

It has certainly been a while since I have posted here. Things have been hectic, crazy, all around just a mess!

Back in October, Cat Daddy and I broke up and I left to move from Pennsylvania all the way to Texas. I can tell you guys that it has been a severely heartbreaking and emotional time for me, and since then I’ve been taking a break from streaming. I miss it. I miss it so much. So, I’ve decided to come back and play on my laptop what I can run.

I have also since then, opened up a Minecraft server! It has been a bunch of ups and downs with that, but it’s been fun, the server is public and if you’d like to join please do: is the server address.

I have also been working on doing more YouTube related things as with my lack of stream time, I’ve been able to at the very least, get some recording time in and I’m doing lets play’s with The Sims 4, and possibly a series with Minecraft as well.

I just wanted to give a brief update that yeah, I’m still alive, I’m kicking, and I’m coming back! I swear! We’re looking at Monday and Tuesday nights being stream nights! 🙂



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