Emily Wharton: Legacy Challenge

As most of you know, we are starting over with a new legacy challenge!!! I bring to you: Emily Wharton.

Emily is awesome, she’s sweet and friendly, someone who wants to just know everyone and nobody has anything bad to say about her! With a main aspiration of Friend of the World, she has a cheerful disposition, loves the outdoors, and is an insider with people!

Here’s the video of me making her and some additional photographs!

03-03-17_11-23-01 AM03-03-17_11-25-07 AM03-03-17_11-26-37 AM03-03-17_11-29-06 AM03-03-17_11-30-55 AM03-03-17_11-31-41 AM03-03-17_11-33-18 AM

Now, Emily does have a lot of CC and I spent about an hour going through and finding all of the links for her, so yeah. Voila.

Hair [ x | x | x | x | x]

Bottoms  [ x | x | x ]

Dresses  [ x | x ]

Glasses  [ x ]

Bracelets and Rings  [ x ]

Jewlery  [ x | x ]

Lingerie/Bathing Suits  [ x | x ]

Makeup  [ x | x | x | x | x | x | x | x | x ]

Skin  [ x ]

Shoes  [ x | x | x | x ]

Tops  [ x | x | x ]




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