It’s time for the comeback!

So, it’s been a while guys.

A really long while.

I have missed all of you so much and I am so glad to be back, stretching my fingers to type this blog post and know that it will be shared with you guys!!!

As you all know, about 5 months ago I moved after my breakup with a certain someone who we shall not name. Yes, I broke up with Voldemort. 😛

Anyways, after that my ability to stream and record on a high quality equipt vanished and I was left with my laptop. I didn’t want to record on it because I feel like you guys deserve the best in quality, so I worked my kitty buns off to save up for my brand new PC and it is here!

I finally have a new gaming PC and its amazing. I am really happy and everything is super awesome, which means that yes, I will be coming back to Twitch soon, and that my YouTube content is going to be back as well. I have found a LOT of clips I need to go through and edit from MONTHS of footage, and I am going to be doing some vlogging and such too! It’s gonna be AWESOME!!!

So yeah guys, I’m back and it’s exciting! I am revamping the stream, the gamewisp, the discord, all of it is coming back and I am seriously having a blast.


See you’s soon,

Kitten ♥


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