kitten It began on a sunshiny morning at 9:30 am in a hospital room located in Philadelphia. A woman was brutally sliced open over the womb, doctors reaching within her to rip a small, perfect, six pounds even baby girl from the body of the totally still alive woman.  Yeah, that is how I made my entrance into the world. You heard it from the source. Me. I was there. :3

I am Kitten, a 24-year-old, self-proclaimed and highly convinced I am one, Cat Girl. I absolutely LOVE cats to the point that Kitten is obviously the name I choose to go by – and do so in every day life including my job! I am an entertainer, someone who runs a pretty neato beaneto Twitch stream a few days out of the week, you can follow it here,  and on the side, I like to take my streams and make some YouTube videos from them, which are featured here!

When I’m not streaming, or editing videos, I am probably gaming or doing some type of written role-play on writing forums, or hanging out in my Discord, which if you’re a Discord fan, hobble your way over here!

I’m pretty friendly, to be honest, someone who wants to chat all the time and make new friends, while going places with my gaming career even though while not officially or anything, am totally MLG Pro Kitty. So yeah, if you wanna know something about me, I guess just ask and one day I’ll do one of those neato FAQ videos or something. I dunno.