The Sims 4 CC: “Drink blood not plasma” wall sticker

Hey guys! I made a brand new piece of CC!! I was inspired by my first vampire sim, Gracelyn, so I made her some wall decor. This is my first time making a wall sticker, so I’m working with fonts and such, but I wanted to post it here!!!


While right now, I am waiting to see if it gets uploaded to TheSimsResource, I do have it on my simsfileshare!!!

Please note: the size on the RIGHT is the actual size when it comes in, to get a bigger size like on the left press the ] button on your keyboard twice!! I found it to be perfect!!!


Click here to download


Emily Wharton: Legacy Challenge

As most of you know, we are starting over with a new legacy challenge!!! I bring to you: Emily Wharton.

Emily is awesome, she’s sweet and friendly, someone who wants to just know everyone and nobody has anything bad to say about her! With a main aspiration of Friend of the World, she has a cheerful disposition, loves the outdoors, and is an insider with people!

Here’s the video of me making her and some additional photographs!

03-03-17_11-23-01 AM03-03-17_11-25-07 AM03-03-17_11-26-37 AM03-03-17_11-29-06 AM03-03-17_11-30-55 AM03-03-17_11-31-41 AM03-03-17_11-33-18 AM

Now, Emily does have a lot of CC and I spent about an hour going through and finding all of the links for her, so yeah. Voila.

Hair [ x | x | x | x | x]

Bottoms  [ x | x | x ]

Dresses  [ x | x ]

Glasses  [ x ]

Bracelets and Rings  [ x ]

Jewlery  [ x | x ]

Lingerie/Bathing Suits  [ x | x ]

Makeup  [ x | x | x | x | x | x | x | x | x ]

Skin  [ x ]

Shoes  [ x | x | x | x ]

Tops  [ x | x | x ]



It’s time for the comeback!

So, it’s been a while guys.

A really long while.

I have missed all of you so much and I am so glad to be back, stretching my fingers to type this blog post and know that it will be shared with you guys!!!

As you all know, about 5 months ago I moved after my breakup with a certain someone who we shall not name. Yes, I broke up with Voldemort. 😛

Anyways, after that my ability to stream and record on a high quality equipt vanished and I was left with my laptop. I didn’t want to record on it because I feel like you guys deserve the best in quality, so I worked my kitty buns off to save up for my brand new PC and it is here!

I finally have a new gaming PC and its amazing. I am really happy and everything is super awesome, which means that yes, I will be coming back to Twitch soon, and that my YouTube content is going to be back as well. I have found a LOT of clips I need to go through and edit from MONTHS of footage, and I am going to be doing some vlogging and such too! It’s gonna be AWESOME!!!

So yeah guys, I’m back and it’s exciting! I am revamping the stream, the gamewisp, the discord, all of it is coming back and I am seriously having a blast.


See you’s soon,

Kitten ♥

It’s Been A While…

It has certainly been a while since I have posted here. Things have been hectic, crazy, all around just a mess!

Back in October, Cat Daddy and I broke up and I left to move from Pennsylvania all the way to Texas. I can tell you guys that it has been a severely heartbreaking and emotional time for me, and since then I’ve been taking a break from streaming. I miss it. I miss it so much. So, I’ve decided to come back and play on my laptop what I can run.

I have also since then, opened up a Minecraft server! It has been a bunch of ups and downs with that, but it’s been fun, the server is public and if you’d like to join please do: is the server address.

I have also been working on doing more YouTube related things as with my lack of stream time, I’ve been able to at the very least, get some recording time in and I’m doing lets play’s with The Sims 4, and possibly a series with Minecraft as well.

I just wanted to give a brief update that yeah, I’m still alive, I’m kicking, and I’m coming back! I swear! We’re looking at Monday and Tuesday nights being stream nights! 🙂


Kitten Discord Updates! 8/27/16

Discord Update: 8/27/16

-Rewrote entire #welcome channel intro, added and changed mods, and rules.

-added Tatsu bot for user XP and leveling

-added new 18+ RP section – invite only

-Brought bat Kitty Bot, including Mewsic

-made Mewsic voice channel a muted channel except for Bot.

-reopened the general main chat room after purging it

-added Bot-Commanding channel for anyone to put in the bot commands for things!

Birthday Giveaway!

I know I’m late in announcing this, and I probably should have at the start of the week, but I’ve been putting it together!

So. I want to do something special for my birthday, and special for me, is giving things away to you guys. I wanted to save this for my big 500, I was hoping to get 500 by my birthday (tomorrow) buuuut it’s not happening so. Bleh.

BUT! Just because I don’t hit my goal, doesn’t mean I can’t give back, right? Right. So. Here’s the list of things you can win!

  • 1x – Hearthstone card pack code
  • 1x – Heroes of The Storm Hero: Jaina
  • 2x – VIP Memberships to TheSimsResource
  • 1x – Satellite Reign Steam Key
  • 1x – TIS-100 Steam Key
  • 1x – The Red Solstice Steam Key
  • 1x – Avernum 2: Crystal Souls Steam Key
  • 1x – Cthulhu Realms Full Game Steam Key

So, as you can see I have a few things! 😀

So how does one enter this amazing giveaway? Well you see here, you must be doing the following: Follow me on Twitch AND Hanging out in my stream!  Each entry into the giveaway is 10 Kitten Coins! Which is simple to get because that’s ten min! For the first hour I’ll allow people to rack up Kitten coins, before we start giving out stuff! I have 9 things to give out, and while I’m not going to stream for 9 hours straight – at least I don’t think so, we’ll have a few hours in the stream to give stuff away okie? Okie.

Now how redeeming works, is that I will be giving away one item of my choice, and whoever wins can either get that prize or if they really hate it, they can exchange it for another. But that’s first come first serve so good luck!

So yeah! Start following on Twitch, and make sure the alerts are on to be notified of when I’m streaming, and keep an eye on my Twitter!!!

Mother of Dragons Hold

So, this week on stream, I was creating a building! I am not the best builder if we’re going to be honest. I shine in CAS not Build Mode, but thats something I’m trying to get better at. I recently created sims of Khal Drogo and Daenerys, and so I wanted to create a home for them to be in. I had originally downloaded another castle-esque building, but I wanted to create my own as I have been on a stone kick for a while when it comes to decor – exposed brick etc.

With the help of some AMAZING CC from  >> here << I quickly set to work!

I also downloaded some CC from TheSimsResource – of course – and used that as well.

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The Elusive Legacy Challenge

This weekend on stream, we began the Legacy Challenge and I have to say it has so far been quite the experience! Many laughs have been had, many tears already shed, and let’s just say in the Sims world, $1,800.00 doesn’t get you very far, and lamps? Yeah, lamps eat electricity like fucking crazy.

So. Let’s talk about the three rules or “laws” I have for my Legacy.

Gender Law: Equality: The Founder may be of either gender. Both boys and girls are eligible for the title of heir.

Bloodline Law: Modern: Both Naturally born and adopted children are eligible to be named heir.

Heir Law: Democracy: This rule may be used if you are displaying your Legacy Challenge in some public way. Either via Let’s Play, Live-stream, blog or other format where people can leave comment. The heir is chosen by your viewers/readers from among the pool of eligible heirs.

With that being said,  we went onto our quest to create our legacy sim: Ophelia Shakespeare

06-27-16_6-44-26 PM 06-27-16_6-44-28 PM 06-27-16_6-44-31 PM 06-27-16_6-44-33 PM







About Ophelia:

-Aspiration: Master Chef

Trait 1: Foodie

Trait 2: Loves Outdoors

Trait: 3:  Creative

With this being the Sims 4, will all of the current (as of 6/29/16) available stuff packs and expansions included, we didn’t really have the option of a 50×50 lot anywhere minus Willow Creek at the lot at the top left.









Once we bought the lot for $10,000.00 we then bought the armor that’s $8,200.00 to leave us with a measly $1,800.00. Thank god I have the Outdoor Retreat pack because it came in handy here.

06-27-16_7-17-29 PM

So, this is how it started out. A measly firepit ( which by the way is the WRONG firepit!), a wooden bench, a light, cooler and tent. I had spent my money pretty stupidly, without looking and being smart, not realizing how hard that $1,800.00 would hit me, but it did – and hard.06-27-16_7-19-25 PM

Just hanging out at the uh glorious living site I have. Though, the land provides pretty greatly! Onion, strawberries, apples and grow fruit with two fishing spots and places for me to dig every day? It’s been phenomenal!

06-27-16_7-36-27 PM


So later on after selling everything, not getting as much money as I should have, etc etc, I had a solution. We downgraded the tent. We got a small wastebasket, a correct fireplace, and a chair, plus toilet and shower. We were set and golden. Also, you see that bastard light over there glowing? Yeah. Don’t buy lamps.

06-27-16_7-49-15 PM

Personally, I loved it when people would just show up to the house unannounced. It was hilarious. They’d just stand by the mailbox waiting around like I had a front door or something, watching my Sim walk around and not inviting them onto the lot. Shit was hilarious.

06-27-16_8-03-38 PM









Have this awesome selfie from Ophelia! Fun fact: didn’t know you could take them in the game so this was my first one! Here’s Ophelia at her ‘house’.

06-27-16_9-12-59 PM









So, by the end of the stream, this is where we ended up. We have a smaller tent, a shower, toilet, mailbox, a large trashcan,  a dance floor made of cardboard, a boombox, table and chair, oven, counter, and fridge. Still no walls, though.

She works as a Head Dishwasher currently. Can’t remember what we ended up with money wise, I’ll update the post later.


Click to Download My Legacy Sim!