The Sims 4 CC: “Drink blood not plasma” wall sticker

Hey guys! I made a brand new piece of CC!! I was inspired by my first vampire sim, Gracelyn, so I made her some wall decor. This is my first time making a wall sticker, so I’m working with fonts and such, but I wanted to post it here!!!


While right now, I am waiting to see if it gets uploaded to TheSimsResource, I do have it on my simsfileshare!!!

Please note: the size on the RIGHT is the actual size when it comes in, to get a bigger size like on the left press the ] button on your keyboard twice!! I found it to be perfect!!!


Click here to download


Emily Wharton: Legacy Challenge

As most of you know, we are starting over with a new legacy challenge!!! I bring to you: Emily Wharton.

Emily is awesome, she’s sweet and friendly, someone who wants to just know everyone and nobody has anything bad to say about her! With a main aspiration of Friend of the World, she has a cheerful disposition, loves the outdoors, and is an insider with people!

Here’s the video of me making her and some additional photographs!

03-03-17_11-23-01 AM03-03-17_11-25-07 AM03-03-17_11-26-37 AM03-03-17_11-29-06 AM03-03-17_11-30-55 AM03-03-17_11-31-41 AM03-03-17_11-33-18 AM

Now, Emily does have a lot of CC and I spent about an hour going through and finding all of the links for her, so yeah. Voila.

Hair [ x | x | x | x | x]

Bottoms  [ x | x | x ]

Dresses  [ x | x ]

Glasses  [ x ]

Bracelets and Rings  [ x ]

Jewlery  [ x | x ]

Lingerie/Bathing Suits  [ x | x ]

Makeup  [ x | x | x | x | x | x | x | x | x ]

Skin  [ x ]

Shoes  [ x | x | x | x ]

Tops  [ x | x | x ]



Mother of Dragons Hold

So, this week on stream, I was creating a building! I am not the best builder if we’re going to be honest. I shine in CAS not Build Mode, but thats something I’m trying to get better at. I recently created sims of Khal Drogo and Daenerys, and so I wanted to create a home for them to be in. I had originally downloaded another castle-esque building, but I wanted to create my own as I have been on a stone kick for a while when it comes to decor – exposed brick etc.

With the help of some AMAZING CC from  >> here << I quickly set to work!

I also downloaded some CC from TheSimsResource – of course – and used that as well.

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The Elusive Legacy Challenge

This weekend on stream, we began the Legacy Challenge and I have to say it has so far been quite the experience! Many laughs have been had, many tears already shed, and let’s just say in the Sims world, $1,800.00 doesn’t get you very far, and lamps? Yeah, lamps eat electricity like fucking crazy.

So. Let’s talk about the three rules or “laws” I have for my Legacy.

Gender Law: Equality: The Founder may be of either gender. Both boys and girls are eligible for the title of heir.

Bloodline Law: Modern: Both Naturally born and adopted children are eligible to be named heir.

Heir Law: Democracy: This rule may be used if you are displaying your Legacy Challenge in some public way. Either via Let’s Play, Live-stream, blog or other format where people can leave comment. The heir is chosen by your viewers/readers from among the pool of eligible heirs.

With that being said,  we went onto our quest to create our legacy sim: Ophelia Shakespeare

06-27-16_6-44-26 PM 06-27-16_6-44-28 PM 06-27-16_6-44-31 PM 06-27-16_6-44-33 PM







About Ophelia:

-Aspiration: Master Chef

Trait 1: Foodie

Trait 2: Loves Outdoors

Trait: 3:  Creative

With this being the Sims 4, will all of the current (as of 6/29/16) available stuff packs and expansions included, we didn’t really have the option of a 50×50 lot anywhere minus Willow Creek at the lot at the top left.









Once we bought the lot for $10,000.00 we then bought the armor that’s $8,200.00 to leave us with a measly $1,800.00. Thank god I have the Outdoor Retreat pack because it came in handy here.

06-27-16_7-17-29 PM

So, this is how it started out. A measly firepit ( which by the way is the WRONG firepit!), a wooden bench, a light, cooler and tent. I had spent my money pretty stupidly, without looking and being smart, not realizing how hard that $1,800.00 would hit me, but it did – and hard.06-27-16_7-19-25 PM

Just hanging out at the uh glorious living site I have. Though, the land provides pretty greatly! Onion, strawberries, apples and grow fruit with two fishing spots and places for me to dig every day? It’s been phenomenal!

06-27-16_7-36-27 PM


So later on after selling everything, not getting as much money as I should have, etc etc, I had a solution. We downgraded the tent. We got a small wastebasket, a correct fireplace, and a chair, plus toilet and shower. We were set and golden. Also, you see that bastard light over there glowing? Yeah. Don’t buy lamps.

06-27-16_7-49-15 PM

Personally, I loved it when people would just show up to the house unannounced. It was hilarious. They’d just stand by the mailbox waiting around like I had a front door or something, watching my Sim walk around and not inviting them onto the lot. Shit was hilarious.

06-27-16_8-03-38 PM









Have this awesome selfie from Ophelia! Fun fact: didn’t know you could take them in the game so this was my first one! Here’s Ophelia at her ‘house’.

06-27-16_9-12-59 PM









So, by the end of the stream, this is where we ended up. We have a smaller tent, a shower, toilet, mailbox, a large trashcan,  a dance floor made of cardboard, a boombox, table and chair, oven, counter, and fridge. Still no walls, though.

She works as a Head Dishwasher currently. Can’t remember what we ended up with money wise, I’ll update the post later.


Click to Download My Legacy Sim!